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Testimonial Felipe Rabat

Felipe Rabat

Director Comercial para CA y el Caribe de Samsung

Gerente General Sony CR y Panamá

  • Marinc supero mis expectativas, con poco lograron mucho y dieron siempre esa milla extra que necesitábamos para poder resolver los proyectos.
  • In all honesty, it was VERY hard choosing ONLY 3 attributes, as Carlos has always achieved ALL attributes listed; Carlos has handled many different things for Sony in the 3.5 years I have been in charge of the company in Costa Rica (from BTL events, fairs, activations, conventions, ATL promotions, exchanges, sales to corporate clients, etc.), and ALWAYS, they have tackled all the difficulties we have thrown his way (IMPOSSIBLE deadlines, ABSURD budgets, and REALLy off-the-wall ideas) with creativity (finding options we would not have even thought about, much less consider!), high integrity (always looking out fro the best of out company), ALWAYS on time (even when we gave them some of the materials late), as a TRUE proffessional (even when we encounter unexpected hurdles along the way), and, most importantly, always with positivity, regardles of how daunting the task seems.
  • As a result of this, after the experience I have of wroking with him, I VERY STRONGLY recommend Carlos as a person to work with; he is one of the best proffessionals (if not THE best) that I have worked with during my time in Costa Rica.

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